Opera Romana Bucharest

The Opera Romana in Bucharest or Opera Nationala Romana is the national opera, situated in the Center of Bucharest. Since 1954 it is situated in Cotrocieni, where it was inaugurated with Tchaikovsky’s play Queen of Spades. Seasons at the Opera Romana in Bucharest take place from October to June. Current plays in the opera season 2008 to 2009 include plays like Carmina Burana, Verdi’s Aida or Puccini’s Madame Butterfly.

National Opera Romana Bucharest – Pictures from Bucharest


Gallery: National Opera in Bucharest, also: Opera Romana, Bucuresti

National Opera in Bucharest: Oftene called Opera Romana, Bucureşti Pictures from Bucharest[1]


The National OperaOpera Romana – might be a great starting point for cultural experiences in Bucharest.

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