National Theatre Bucharest

The National Theatre in Bucharest is the national theatre of Romania, having the impressive full name Teatrul Naţional Ion Luca Caragiale din Bucureşti as Cargiale founded the National Theatre in 1852. The name National Theatre was given in 1875, though. Teatrul National Bucuresti features four halls, and over 1,500 seats. Its picture can be seen on the 100 Lei banknote.

National Theatre Bucharest – Pictures from Bucharest


Gallery: National Theatre in Bucharest, also: Teatrul National, Bucuresti or even Teatrul National Ion Luca Caragiale

National Theatre in Bucharest: Teatrul Naţional “Ion Luca Caragiale” Bucureşti Pictures from Bucharest[1]


Today the National Theatre of Bucharest is administered by the Ministry of Culture, Romania.  It is situated in the Center of Bucharest. The first building was located on Calea Victoriei, but after it was destroyed during WW II it was rebuilt at University Square (Piata universitatii), in a modern style (the old National Theatre was baroque style).

The Teatrul National has had international success, the most famous and international renowned actress however might be Maia Morgenstern (Maria in the Passion of Christ from Mel Gibson).

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