Bucharest – Bucuresti

Bucharest, Romanian: Bucuresti, French: Bucharest is the Capital of Romania – filled with famous buildings and monuments worth sightseeing and making pictures. See the most beautiful pictures of Bucharest in the images gallery below, view the pictures in detail and learn more about their history.

Pictures: Bucharest - Capital of Romania - Bucuresti - Bucarest - at night

Bucharest at Night [1]

Monuments in Bucharest


Culture Buildings in Bucharest

Pictures: National Theatre in Bucharest - Picture Gallery

The National Theatre Bucharest

View: Pictures and History of Teatrul National in Bucuresti, also known as National Theatre Bucharest


[1]: Source for Bucharest at Night: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Bucharest_University_Square_at_night.jpg – from Category Bucuresti – Bucarest – Bucharest