Castelul Bran – Bran Castle

Bran Castle (German: Törzburg; Hungarian: Törcsvár), situated in Bran, near to Brasov, is for sure the most legendary castle from Transylvania and Romania. Bran Castle, or Romanian: Castelul Bran, is also refrered to as Dracula Castle, though Dracula lived in another castle, which is a ruin, nowawdays. Bran castle was build as a fortress in the 14th century and is today a museum, open to tourists.

Bran Castle Brasov – Pictures from Castelul Bran Braşov


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Bran Castle near Brasov: Castelul Bran or Dracula Castle [1]Pictures from Brasov


Castle Bran was used as fortress against the Ottoman Empire, Mircea the Elder lived here, Vlad Tepes – the historical Dracula – was imprisoned here for two days. Lateron Bram Stoker made Bran Castle worldwide known as Dracula Castle.

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[1] Picture: – Bran Castle – Castelul Bran