Black Church – Biserica Neagra

The Biserica Neagră or the Black Church of Brasov was built by the German inhabitants Brasov and represents the most important Gothic style monument of Romania. The Black Church is still the largest Lutheran (Evangelical) Church in Transylvania. Though, it was actually built in Roman-Catholic style when the Black Church was build from about 1983 – 1385.

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Black Church Brasov: Romanian: Biserica Neagra in Braşov [[1]]Pictures from Brasov


The black church was completed in the 15th century. The name Biserica neagra, or black church was given after the big fire of 1689 in Brasov, when the flames left just the black walls of the church. It took more than 80 years to rebuild the church and today, just the name remebers that the church, devoted to the holy mary, domintaed Brasov for several decades being the Black Church.

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