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Academic Research paper and Study of the Economy of Romania and Romanian Business

The first section to go live, is the economic profile of Romania. Read more than 155 pages (DIN A4) on the Romanian Economy free on the net or download a personal copy for free offline reading. The analysis includes more than 50 charts and images, mainly time series with economical data from Romania between 1989 and 2009, further 25 tables and a broad range of unique economic indicators and calculations. Just have a look and try it now…


The next section to be filled concerns business and the exciting business environment in Romania. Read how business in Romania is done, what are the best opportunities and how to run your own business in the emerging Romanian market.

Beside the general macroeconomic profile of Romania you will find a detailed analysis of Romania’s economy for all development regions of Romania. The economic strenth and weaknesses of each Romanian development region is given, a profile of the regional economy and business environment.

Recently added and currently under development is the tourism section about cities in Romania, starting with the city of Brasov and the capital of Romania Bucharest.