7 How to Cite? An FAQ

Yep. Citation is needed if you want to use parts and results of this paper. In rest you are free to use the paper according to the normal acadmic purposes: review it, cite it, refer to it, answer it. And it would be like if you would inform me about that 🙂

Any commercial use and redistribution is of course not allowed.

How to Cite

The paper was written as Master (Magister) thesis at the RWTH Aachen, Germany. It was graded 1.0 (German scale).

Just cite the paper the following way:

HERINGHAUS, Steffen; 2008: Romania in the EU. New Roads for Convergence? pp. xx–xx…, Print version v1, www.romania-central.com/economy-of-romania/ [Retrieved YYYY-MM-DD]

or the way you want to cite it. Just take as author name Steffen Heringhaus, or if you feel more comfortable with: Romania-Central.com.

Academic Research paper and Study of the Economy of Romania and Romanian Business