4.2.1 Variables and Data

The following chapters will use seven variables in order to express regional disparities in Romania on the NUTS-III level. As outcome (dependent) variables will be deployed:

Table 4.1: Outcome Variables and Descriptions




GDP per capita in Romania on county level for 2005 (INS 2008) measured in RON


Number of firms with foreign participation per capita and county as a proxy for FDI-activ­ity. Considered are all firms registered between 1991 and 2007 at the Oficiul Național al Registrului Comerțului (ONRC 2008 a). Cf. chapter 3.5 for detailed description and reason­ing


Total economic activity captured by the total number of firms per capita on county level as registered at the ONRC (2008 b). Considered are all firms registered between 1990 and 2007. Cf. chapter 3.5 for further description and reasoning
Source: Own table

The used predictor variables for our statistical analysis of the Romanian business environment are the following:

Table 4.22: Predictor Variables and Descriptions




Institutional quality as monitored by NewsIn 2008 for 24 counties in Romania


Infrastructure and International Accessibility. An own composite index capturing the num­ber of European Roads, the existence of a respective intersection, the number of air- and seaports, strategic position and both, existing or planned highways. See below for more information


Human capital or availability of qualified labor. Captured by the total number of students enrolled per county. The data from INS 2008 was not adjusted for population size so that the total size of the qualified labor market is accounted for at the same time
Source: Own table
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