4.2 Statistical Analysis

Chapter 4.1 provided a short overview of economic threats and constraints to business, hence, growth in Romania. Now we follow with the statistics part and statistical tests. Virtually all evaluations taken into account emphasized the importance of a stable macroeconomic environment, predictable economic policies and regulatory quality. The importance of these factors for the economy of Romania can be taken for granted. They are mainly followed by the quality of public administration, infrastructure and human capital.

Academic Research paper and Study of the Economy of Romania and Romanian Business

The latter three might vary not only among countries but also within the borders of a country. Here arises an opportunity for statistically testing their impact on economic performance, given the statistical tracked pronounced regional disparities in Romania. First, chapter 4.2.1 introduces a set of different variables for statistical analysis. Afterwards chapter 4.2.2 tests the impact of public administration on local economic performance and chapter 4.2.3 follows with infrastructure and human capital. The reason for the separation of staistical tests is first our institutional data being limited to 24 counties; the second reason will soon become obvious. The results of our statistical analysis are concluded in chapter 4.3 and in chapter 5 related to the general context.