4.1 The Discussion

Overall, Romanian Policy makers have a very clear idea about what has to be changed but implementation progress sometimes suggest that the necessary experience is missing, yet. The European Union‘s advice (i.e. the advice of the European Commission) on the contrary is very reasonable but also fairly generic. Very detailed – even lucid – information and assessments were issued by the World Bank Group.

Academic Research paper and Study of the Economy of Romania and Romanian Business

Business Surveys among (potential) investors in Romania reflect the gap between the more negative perception of the Romanian business environment from potential investors and the better appreciation of already active investors. Both groups of interviewees give valuable hints which areas are considered obstacles to economic activities. Finally, scientific literature provides several models and frameworks which might be applied to the case in Romania. This chapter tries to sum up the main areas of concern and discussion about the challenges for the Economy of Romania before some of them will be subject to further empirical investigation.