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Romania Economy: Data and Research

Romania's economy has been one of the most dynamic economies of Eastern Europe during the last years. Romania Central takes stock of the economic development in Romania since 1989 and provides you with a free and maybe the most extensive study on the Romanian economy out now. For free.

The study on the economy of Romania is avalaible as PDF.

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Download PDF: Study on the Economy of Romania

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"Romania in the EU - New Roads for Convergence" is a master thesis on the economy of Romania which comprises the period between 1989 and early 2008. All aspects of the Romanian economy are assessed both by periods and economic sectors. Moreover, an in-depth regional profile for the economy of Romania is drawn with a special focus on the business environment.

License note: This paper is free to download and read, but for personal information and scientific use, only. You are not allowed to copy or redistribute it. Please refer to the ToS for further information. If you use the material provided please cite, either by providing the author name or It would be a nice gesture if you would drop a mail in such a case.

Background information:

On 155 pages (DIN A4) you get a profound introduction to the Romanian transition economy and its latest development. "Romania in the EU - New Roads for Real Convergence?" deals with the integration of a transition economy using the case of Romania into the Internal Market of the European Union. It was handed in as master thesis (Magisterarbeit) at the RWTH Aachen, Germany and got the highest grade possible. The data used is from authoritative sources, only. The content, however, adds several new aspects and insights to the current stock of literature.

Starting point is the context of European Integration with a strong focus on Eastern European Enlargement. After summarizing the theoretical framework of integration the paper gathers first empirical evidence from past rounds of enlargement, including the integration of the first 10 CEECs (Central and Eastern European Countries). Thus, some stylized facts are derived against which the Romanian economy will be assessed in the subsequent chapters.

Afterwards, the paper takes stock of the economy of Romania from 1989 to 2008. Assessed are all marcoeconomic sectors of the Romanian economy. However, a deeper look on the regional patterns of Romania's economy reveals that Regional disparities in Romania are on the very high side. The patterns are explicitley dealt with and several indicators identified.

Then, the paper searches to identify the sources for the regional disparities in Romania. Several explanatory variables are applied to the indicators identified before. Using quantitative analysis (multivariate regression models, linear regression and non-linear regression models) the research paper isolates some key factors which seem to determine the patterns of the economy of Romania.

Finally, the paper gives some policy advice on how to support the economy of Romania on its way to real convergence.

Data updates for the Economy of Romania

The data on the Romanian economy in the research paper covers the period of 1989 to early 2008. However, especially the financial crisis changed the situation. Romania Central provides you with further and recent economic data for Romania on this page.

Romania Economy: General Overview

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  • Romania GDP: Real and Nominal Data

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  • Romania's economy enjoyed an amazing growth after a sharp recession during all the 90ies. Since 2000 the GDP of Romania more than doubled and GDP per capita increased. However, the economy of Romania has been hit hard by the financial crisis since early 2009 and entered recession once again. ...

    Romania & Growth

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  • Romania and the Crisis

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  • A driving force of uttermost importance for the Economy of Romania has been foreign trade. Romanian exports contributed to a large extend to the growth of the last years, while the Romanian imports - mainly based one external debt - shifted the economy of Romania towards another level of productivity. However, foreign trade in Romania experiences currently hard times...

    Romanian Exports

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  • Romanian Imports

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  • The labor market of Romania has been one of the most dynamic in the CEECs. Both employment patterns in Romania and unemployment differ considerble from other countries in the region. However, in accordance to the overall state of the Romanian economy the Romanian Labor market is currently hit by the finacial crisis.

    Employment in Romania

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  • Unemployment in Romania

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