Click the image to see it full size. Unemployment in Romania has been in a steady decline during the past years of economic boom and been much lower than in other Eastern European Countries. This is mainly due to three factors: hidden unemployment in the “agricultural” sector, better to be named agriculture of subsistence. Second, a sharp decline in the activity rate from some 85% at the beginning of the 1990ies to some 65% after 2000 and third, (short) term migration and illicit work in the shadow economy. Yet, the job market after 2004/2005 was characterized by nearly full employment for skilled labor in the economic centers of Romania and double digit-salary growth. The job market in Romania was among the first to feel the arrival of the crisis in 2009 and registered soon a nearly complete freeze of open positions and soon, dismissals and a new wave of job loss with fast growing rates of unemployment.

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