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Romania's National Economy

Concerned about the Romanian GDP? GPD per capita in Romania, inflation rates and trends? Import and export patterns in Romania?. This section is right for you: Learn about the economic background of Romania, its development from 1989 to today and get all the data in smart charts and tables...

Romania's economy and GDP structure 1990 – 2008

Business in Romania

Romania features an exciting business environment and stunning growth rates of over 30% in some sectors of the national economy. Read more articles, analysis and instructions about doing business in Romania, running your own enterprise in Romania and the Romanian markets...

Doing business in Romania and the Romanian business environment

Country Profile of Romania

Romania is the 7th biggest country (by population size) in the EU and second only to Poland in this regard when it comes to the Eastern European Countries in the European Union. Romania is host to 22 million inhabitants, from which over 2 million live in the Romanian capital Bucharest...

Country Profile of Romania